Increasing your Expertise


We want to help you increase your own expertise in 3D printing. Whether you want to start investing in AM or already established but want to expand or improve, we can assist you with our tailored advise.


Specialised trainings for all roles: designers, data preperation, machine & maintenance operators, finishers. With special focus on efficiency and cost.


We perform independent reviews of your designs, and advise you on customisation & individualisation options. And of course taking into account the limitations of the technologies.


Scanning opportunities for AM in your current product portfolio to reduce costs and leadtimes and matching requirements to solutions (AM technology, post finishing,...)

Because we know the technology so well, we can help you in choosing the right technology and material for your application and make sure you start working right away like experts.

We like a challenge and have lots of experience making designs and machines/process work properly. With creative ideas and deep insight we will always find a solution. Expertise is crucial, and that is what we offer you, so take the short route!

Factory of the future


We help you build the factory of the future. Together we make the 4th Industrial Revolution a success for you!


How to integrate the different processes together in a lean and (where applicable) automated way? What is the best layout for the factory? These are questions we can answer for you.

3D printing machines are typically stand-alone machines with limited integration. Several process steps involve a lot of manual labour. In first stage we will focus on increasing the efficiency of the manual tasks, in the second stage we will automate in a smart way.

How to make your factory smart? Connecting machines with work pieces and systems, creating an intelligent network along the entire value chain. That is what Industry 4.0 is all about.

Increasing value of AM parts


3D printed parts typically require further processing to meet the requirements in terms of dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, color,...


Our extensive experience and network of suppliers can help you further increasing the value of the AM parts, or decreasing the costs to achieve similar results. Matching requirements with solutions is a process that needs expertise and creativity, key competencies of EXPERTIS3D!

Luckily many post-processing steps can be automated: de-powdering, blasting, coloring,... Contact us to get you started!

We also want to assist you in innovative surface finishes. Our creativity and experience can help you to stand out from the crowd by co-developing new finishes.


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EXPERTIS3D offers independent expertise for 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing based on years of experience.


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